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Tango and Argentine Folklore Workshop with Hernán Pereyra

Hernan Pereyra








4 Sundays

May 23, 30, June 6, 13

1:00-2:00 PM ET

Virtual Zoom Room


What to Expect

Learn how to play Tango and Folklore from a professional guitarist from Argentina! Join Hernán Pereyra for an exclusive, live technique workshop. Participants will meet with Hernán during 4 different sessions and will discuss the history of Tango and Folklore, plus all the techniques and tricks needed to sound like an Argentine guitarist.

Workshop total time: 4 Hours.

Materials: 36-page Tango PDF file (offered in English and Spanish) with all the materials covered in class.

Materials: 60-page Folklore PDF file (offered in English and Spanish) with all the materials covered in class.


About Hernán Pereyra

Hernán Pereyra, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, started playing guitar at the age of 12.  He attended the prestigious EMPA, Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda (Avellaneda’s School of Popular Music), where he studied Tango, Argentine Folklore, and Jazz having as teachers references from the country within each genre (Aníbal Arias, Ángel “Kelo” Palacios, Ariel Goldemberg, Javier Cohen and Hernán Merlo). He graduated from the EMPA with a degree of Popular Music Instrumentalist with a specialization in Jazz Guitar.

Hernán also studied classical guitar, and tango, and folklore arranging with Alejandro Polemann and improvisation with the saxophonist Ricardo Cavalli.

He is active as an educator and performer. He has been teaching privately and at different schools for the last 15 years including the EMTA, the Centro de Artes Icono, and the Escuela Creativa de Música. His musical versatility allows him to perform seamlessly in different genres, having been part of groups of different musical styles, including “Dúo Miñango” (Folklore), and the group “Bardo” (Contemporary Jazz).

He has performed concerts in different provinces of Argentina, and in different countries, such as Chile, being part of the staff of Lyric Soul musicians (Musical Services), and Poland, doing Tango Folklore with the Argentine bandoneon player Ariel Ramírez.

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