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Florida Guitar Foundation Classical Guitar Competition

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Registration covers one (1) entry to the competition, master classes, and admission to performances by David Russell and Grisha Goryachev.

By entering and by your presence here, you consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded. Your entry constitutes your consent to such photography, filming and/or recording and to any use, in any and all media by the Florida Guitar Foundation.

In the Youth Division, three (3) competitors will be selected to participate in the final round.
In the Open Division, 8 (8) competitors will be chosen to play in a semifinal round. Of them, 3 finalists will be chosen to perform in the final round.

Adult Competition

March 15-17, 2018

First Round

7 minutes
March 16, 2018 in 3 waves:
11:30am, 2:00pm, 4:30pm

Semi-Final Round

8 Semi-Finalists, 10 minutes each
March 17, 2018 — 1:30pm

Final Round

3 Finalists, 20 minutes each
March 17, 2018 — 4:30pm

1st place: $3,500
2nd place: $1,500
3rd place: $750

Youth Competition (Under 18)

March 16, 2017

First Round

6 Minutes
March 16, 2018 – 7:00pm

Final Round

3 Finalists, 10 minutes each
March 17, 2018 – 1:30pm

1st Prize: $500
2nd Prize: $300
3rd Prize: $200


March 15-17, 2018

Gusman Concert Hall,
University of Miami

5501 San Amaro Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146

Clarke Recital Hall

Evening Concerts

David Russell

Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 8:00pm

Grisha Goryachev

Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 7:00pm

Courtyard by Marriot

9075 South Dadeland Blvd
Miami, Florida 33156

Competitors will be evaluated on their technique, musicianship, and overall presentation. Judges’ comments will not be made available to competitors. Competitors are encouraged to inquire for comments from the judges directly only after the competition has ended.
Choice of music is entirely at the discretion of the competitor. All music must be performed from memory. A competitor may perform the same or different music from round to round without penalty. It is expected that every competitor’s choice of music fits within the time allowed for each round. If a competitor exceeds the given time allotted, that competitor will be asked to stop but at no penalty to his/her evaluation. All judges’ decisions are final.

All master classes and competition events are free and open to the public. Due to limited space, not every student will have the opportunity to perform in masterclasses with the guest artists. Performing students will be chosen by random drawing.
Additional tickets for the evening concerts can be purchased below.

Per U.S. IRS regulations, prizes awarded to non-U.S. citizens may be subject to tax withholding, dependent upon current tax treaty between the U.S. and the winner’s country of citizenship. U.S. citizens who are awarded prizes will not have tax withheld, and will receive an IRS Form 1099 from the Florida Guitar Foundation at the end of the year if the total of earnings are $600 or more.

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