The Florida Guitar Foundation Presents

Give Miami Day 2016

The 2019 GFA Convention & Competition

Miami, FL
University of Miami

June 17-22, 2019

Sponsored by University of Miami
local hosts Dr. Federico Musgrove-Stetson and
Prof. and Program Director Rafael Padron
Florida Guitar Foundation

Frost School of Music at the University of Miami (Logo)

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Regular full pass – $355

Student full pass – $250

3 day pass (no student price)- $280

2 day pass (no student price) – $190

1 day pass (no student price) – $100


Youth Guitar Orchestra (2 and a half day pass) – $150

Youth Guitar Orchestra chaperone (2 and a half day pass) – $150


International Concert Artist Competition (full week pass) – $265

International Youth Competition (full week pass) – $265

International Youth Competition (3 day pass) – $160

International Youth Competition chaperone (full week pass) – $265

International Youth Competition chaperone (3 day pass) – $120

International Ensemble Competition (full week pass) – $265

International Ensemble Competition (3 day pass) – $160


Evening Concert Ticket (general) – $35

Evening Concert Ticket (student) – $20

Morning and Afternoon Concert Ticket (general) – $20

Morning and Afternoon Concert Ticket (student) – $15

Individual Concert Tickets

For those who wish to attend a concert during the week, but cannot attend the full convention, you can purchase individual tickets to concerts at the Guitar Foundation of America 2019 Convention and Competition.

The dorms are currently full. If you would like to be placed on a waitlist, please contact our convention manager at 

Mayfair Hotel & Spa

3000 Florida Avenue, Coconut Grove, Florida 33133

3.6 miles from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

The Biltmore

1200 Anastasia Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida 33134

2.7 miles from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

Marriott - Miami/Dadeland

9090 S. Dadeland Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33156

3.6 miles from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami

Courtyard by Marriott

9075 S Dadeland Boulevard, Coconut Grove, Florida 33156

3.6 miles from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.

Frost School of Music
University of Miami

5501 San Amaro Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146

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Gusman Concert Hall

Competitors’ Orientation Meeting, Sunday, June 16, 8:00 p.m.
This meeting is required of all competitors.

Monday, June 17

  • ICAC Preliminarys
  • 3:00pm Youth Orchestra Rehearsal 
  • 5:30pm Registration Opens
  • 8:00pm Concert: Raphaël Feuillâtre

Tuesday, June 18

  • ICAC Preliminarys
  • Technique Workshop: Zoran Dukiç
  • Lecture: Ioannis Theodoridis 
    How a better anatomical understanding can assist guitar performance and pedagogy
  • Lecture: Braulio Bosi 
    Guitar Technique and Injury Prevention
  • Lecture: Fabio Bartoloni
    “The Chant of the Carpideiras”: the most Brazilian étude by Heitor Villa-Lobos.
  • 11:00am Concert: Rafael Padron
  • 11:00am Concert: Duo Amaral
  • 1:30pm Masterclass: Marcin Dylla
  • Lecture: Avril Kinsey
    Discovering 320 Works for Classical Guitar by 72 South African Composers
  • Lecture: Marco Sartor
    Toward Personalized Guitar Fingerings
  • 4:00pm Concert: Petrit Ceku
  • 4:00pm Youth Orchestra Rehearsal
  • 8:00pm Concert: Lukasz Kuropaczewski

Wednesday, June 19

  • ICAC Preliminarys
  • Technique Workshop: Ewa Jablczynska
  • Lecture: Robert Trent
    Can I improvise in Classic/Romantic Music? An introduction to Interpretation and improvisation in guitar music of the early nineteenth-century
  • Lecture: Andrew Leonard and Matt Pidgeon
    The Pain Free Guitarist: Prevention & Recovery
  • 11:00am Concert: Laura Snowden
  • 11:00am Concert: Les Freres Meduses
  • Lecture: Kenneth Kam – William Walton
    The Evolution of the Five Bagatelles
  • 1:30pm Luthier Showcase
  • Education Round Table: All-State Guitar
  • 3:00pm Youth Orchestra Rehearsal
  • 4:00pm Concert: Raphaella Smits
  • 5:30pm Guitar Orchestra Rehearsal
  • 6:00pm Educator’s Happy Hour
  • 8:00pm Concert: Marcin Dylla 
    (opened by the Youth Guitar Orchestra)

Thursday, June 20

  • ICAC Semifinals
  • Technique Workshop: Petrit Ceku 
  • Lecture: Thomas Kikta
    Mindful Learning in Practice and Performance
  • Research Round Table (Thomas Heck): TBD
  • 11:00am IEC Competitors meeting
  • 11:00am IYC Competitors meeting
  • 1:30pm IEC Youth Competition
  • Lecture: Vojislav Ivanovic
    The Musical Bonsai
  • Lecture: Benjamin Lougheed
    A Performance Guide to Roland Dyens’ Jazz Arrangements
  • 5:30pm Guitar Orchestra Rehearsal
  • 8:00pm Concert: Brasil Guitar Duo

Friday, June 21

  • IYC Preliminarys
  • 9:00am IEC Concert Artist Competition
  • Technique Workshop: Les Freres Meduses
  • Lecture: Juan Oscar Azaret
    Those Mysterious Existences
  • Lecture: Alan Hirsch and Thomas Kitka
    Teaching the Fingerboard: “Beyond the Open Position”
  • 11:00am Concert: Irina Kulikova
  • 11:00am Concert:  Iliana Matos
  • 1:30pm Masterclass: Raphaella Smits
  • Lecture: Stephen Goss, Jonathan Leathwood, and Stanley Yates
    Improvisation as a Way of Knowing: Towards a New Pedagogy of Notated Repertoire
  • 2:30pm Concert Artist Competition
  • 4:00pm Concert: Zoran Dukic
  • 5:15pm Guitar Orchestra Rehearsal
  • 6:00pm Spotlight Recital/Guitar Orchestra Performance
  • 8:00pm Concert: Manuel Barrueco

Saturday, June 21

  • TechniqueWorkshop: Irina Kulikova
  • Lecture: Jonathan Godfrey
    Metric Dissonance in the Guitar Music of Joaquín Rodrigo
  • 9:30am IYC Junior Finals
  • Lecture: Michael Kudirka
    Historical Tunings and Temperaments on Guitar: An Introduction to their Realization with Modern Microtonal Fretboards
  • Lecture: Frederick Sheppard
    The discovery and publication of the original Agustin Barrios Method for Guitar, and other original materials
  • 11:00am Concert: Guitar Orchestra
  • 11:00am Concert: IEC Winners
  • 1:30pm IYC Senior Finals 
  • 1:30pm Masterclass: Manuel Barrueco
  • 6:00pm ICAC Finals
  • 9:00pm Awards Ceremony

PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to change

ICAC – International Concert Artist Competition
IYC – International Youth Competition
IEC – International Ensemble Competition